TJ Vaught
TJ Vaught
Clean and jerk: 305 Snatch: 225 Fran: 2:31 Karen: 5:35 33 unbroken strict Handstand push-ups


CrossFit Level 1


TJ Vaught

Growing up, I played a wide variety of sports. In my youth, I participated in a year of gymnastics, and primarily played baseball.
As I got older I became interested in other sports, I started playing basketball, wrestling, and running track and field in the 7th grade. In track, I ran both sprint and distance events, and participated in many field events such as the shot put, discus, high jump, long jump, and triple jump.  I then began playing football in 8th grade. I played many of these sports for 4+ years.
I started playing soccer in 10th grade, and continued to play throughout high school.
I placed 3rd in a regional meet for the 4x100m sprint in track as a freshman, was a 2x region champion in football, and played in the state tournament in both football and soccer. I believe the wide array of sports helped me to be a well rounded athlete, and contributed to my CrossFit journey.

A big turning point in my life was when I had my first big knee injury. This caused me to gain weight, and start to process on what I needed to do to stay in shape. It eventually led me to start at a different gym, then eventually brought me into the CrossFit world. Simply wanting to be in shape for when I played sports with my friends was a huge motivating factor for me.