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January 7, 2019

Buying Into Functional Fitness

There's a lot of exercise options out there.Run, bike, yoga, MMA, powerlifting, weight training on machines, spin class, etc, etc.I've been trying to think about how best to say this -You should do certain movements the rest of your life and you should train all three energy systems the rest of your life. No matter where you are, what stage of life you are in, IMO, this should be your goal.Here's the movements you need to do:-Push (push ups, overhead press, etc)-Pull (rowing variations, pull ups, etc)-Carry (loaded carries, overhead, and hanging)-Squat (single leg and double leg variations)-Hinge (deadlifts, swings, cleans)We should throw in running to the list, since there's only so many ways a human can propel itself well without equipment and running is the best one, practically speaking (swimming is great too but not always practical).Here's the energy systems you should use:-Phosphocreatine (short sprint)-Glycolitic (moderate distance, think 800m)-Aerobic (longer distances)Sprinting looks different for everyone but we should never stop. You may not look like Usain Bolt, but you can still move fast for you. Moderate distances are important too, and I'm a little surprised as crunched for time that we all are that these moderate distances aren't more popular. Running for distance is critical for our health. Our heart and lungs need the steady stimulus. It's also very popular and there are races and running clubs everywhere. (I will add that at some point running can become hard on our joints, and there are many options like biking or rowing that can take its place, but the principle still applies)There are a lot of ways to get at all this, but CrossFit is a really good way to accomplish the goal. The workout length varies and the movements done each day vary. Some long workouts, some short workouts and some in between. Some with weightlifting, some with gymnastics, some with running or biking or rowing. Some workouts have all of these. Again, think varied movements and varied energy systems.There are other ways to accomplish all this. You could do it at a normal non-CrossFit gym, you could do it at home, etc.Consider this though, if choosing a CrossFit gym--You will have a coach teaching you how to do each movement-Your programming will be done for you-You will have a community to workout with-If managing your time, most CrossFit classes are exactly an hour or lessIf you add all this up, it should make sense.Training these movements, and these energy systems, as best we can, for life.If you have questions about CrossFit Lynchburg, and would like more information, please email

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