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August 6, 2020

Member Highlight Stories - August

Aimee Blanks

Aimee moved to Lynchburg to attend Liberty University and while in Lynchburg she met and married a Lynchburg native. She and her husband have three boys: one in college, one graduating from high school this year, and one who is in middle school. Her family has always remained very active by being deeply involved in sports and working out at various gyms.  Amy knew CFL gym owners Jarrod & Amanda from church, and they mentioned giving CrossFit a try, but it always seemed  intimidating to her. Aimee was very fit and became an avid distance runner before the toll on her knees became a lot. CrossFit offered a safe alternative. Community has been a huge part of her enjoyment at CFL. Aimee loves her friends in her noon class – known to one another as “nooners.” Thanks to CrossFit Lynchburg Aimee loves to push herself to do more than she ever thought she could!

How long have you been doing CF?

Aimee: 3 & ½ years.

What made you decide to try CFL?

Aimee: Jarrod & Amanda asked me to give it a try, but it was always intimating to me. I saw videos online and on YouTube and never thought I could do what they were doing. Jarrod and Amanda would occasionally mention CFL to me for probably 3-4 years before I actually visited CFL.  Finally, my husband was going to try a beginner’s class and I decided to give it a try with him. I have been involved ever since.  

What is the biggest change you have seen since coming?

Aimee: I have never been a big adventure person, but in the last 3 years I have done a lot of things outside of the gym that I would not have done before. I think, “I can do this – it might be hard and scary, but I can do it.” I did repelling off the Bank of the James for Human Kind – the most terrifying thing I have ever done. I wouldn’t have tried before – now I already have the mentality of “I can do this.”

What is your favorite part of CFL?

Aimee: Definitely the people. My noon class crew is just awesome! We are all different. I am a stay at home mom, there are people that own their own businesses, and moms who work. We are all so different and we all have a good time together.

What would you tell someone who is considering trying CFL but is scared or apprehensive?

Aimee:  I said I could never do CrossFit. 3 & ½ years in and I’m still scaling things in almost every workout. I would tell others not to be intimidated but to try it out. You can scale anything! Whatever level you are at it doesn’t matter. You see these crazy workouts on YouTube and they can be intimidating. I never thought I would be able to do it, but three and a half years in and I am doing things I never thought I could do.

At the beginning learning the snatch was overwhelming, but I started with the bar first, then the bar with 10 pounds on each side. It is fun to work at it and to see changes. I am not the strongest in the room, but I feel strong. When those insecurities that women often face surface it gives me grace with myself. It has helped with self-image and I think, “I am strong and my body can do this.”



Eugene is from right here in Lynchburg VA. He is known by many names, some of his nicknames are: Gene, Tweedy, Bubba, Bird and Willie.  Eugene is a brother, a son, a father, a friend and great listener. He can often be found at CrossFit Lynchburg in the noon class working hard and having fun. If you see him around say hello.  

What brought you to CrossFit Lynchburg? 

Seeing the looks on the faces of the athletes at CrossFit Lynchburg as they struggled through workouts at the old box on Oakley Avenue initially drew me in to CFL.  

What kind of changes have you experienced since starting at CrossFit Lynchburg?

Major!  Improved physical fitness and endurance.  Likely contributed to me having two younger children at my age. LOL

What goals do you currently have? What are some recent accomplishments?

My goals in regard to working out is to maintain where I am physically and avoid injury.  Outside of the gym my professional goal is to incorporate a private practice providing therapy services into an existent business.   

What is your favorite cheat meal?

Cheesesteak sub with fries. 

What is your favorite workout?

Anything with running and sit-ups. NO OVERHEAD SQUATS!!!!

What advice would you give to someone interested in CrossFit?

Don’t be scared!!! You can scale until you get there!!!


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