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August 4, 2015

CrossFit Lynchburg - Weightlifting Practice

The purpose of this work is to give CrossFit Lynchburg athletes more practice in the snatch and clean & Jerk, to work on things they won't get to in class or to work on things more. Think of weightlifting the way you would golf - it is practice - practice for a skill that just happens to be a strength sport.There are three days of work listed below. The intention is for it to be "between day" work or open gym work. Ideally it would be done Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Typically the "Day 1" work is medium heavy, with percentages in the 75%-85% range. The "Day 2" work is lighter, and you are more likely to see power versions of both lifts. The "Day 3" work is the heaviest day, with percentages getting into 90%+ range.Now that you know the purpose and what to expect you can plan your training a little better. Good luck!Before each session get warmed up with a barbell and practice positions of the lifts. Here's some suggestions:Barbell WorkOlympic Lifting Warm Up - MobilityOlympic Lifting Warm Up - ActivationOlympic Lifting Warm Up - Movement PrepDay 1Deficit Snatch8-10 Reps between 75% - 80%Deficit Clean8-10 Reps between 75% - 80%**The idea on deficit work is to strengthen starting position. Tighten yourself up and don't let your butt sneak up without taking the weight with you**Accessory Work3 x 10 GHD Hyperextensions**Hold 10th rep for max seconds**Day 2Snatch with pause at the kneeWork to a Heavy DoublePower clean + 2 Split JerksWork to a heavy single for the complexAccessory WorkRDLs3 x 5, 2 sec pause in bottom positionDay 3Snatch-Accumulate 8 reps between 88% - 92%Clean & JerkSame as SnatchAccessory Work10 Min EMOM-50m Sprint

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