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January 17, 2019

What's In Your CrossFit Gym Bag?

A quick list of things for your CrossFit gym bag, in order of importance...CrossFit shoes - Nike Metcons (as pictured) or Reeebok Nanos are great options. Flat enough to lift in but with just enough cushion for the running done in most CrossFit WODs. This would be the first purchase I would make after joining. Cost $110 or so.Speed rope - This is a no brainer and might even come before the shoes because a good jump rope is so cheap. No more fiddling with getting the right length on a rope provided by the gym. Get a rope and cut it to your length, bring it to the gym every day. Cost $25 for a Spealer Rope by Rogue Fitness (as pictured).Palm guards - Any kind of blister or tear from high volume pull ups might keep you from training for a few days. Also very cheap at $35 or less.Sweat bands - I'm talking about for my head and for my wrists. I don't like sweat pouring in my eyes, and sweat from my arms in the summer will run down to my hands and affect my grip on a barbell, pull up bar, kettlebell, rings, etc. Also cheap enough to make a no brainer.Knee Sleeves - These won't help you lift more, but they'll keep your knees warm and and that's important to keep your knees healthy for the long run. I don't wear mine much, so personally that's why they are lower on my list. Other coaches might put them closer to the top. $35 or so for a pair.Lifting Belt - Another item I don't wear much, but a lifting belt will help you lift more. Its like having another layer of abdominals to push against when you squat/deadlift/clean. A lifting belt might help you PR, but don't wear one all the time as it'll become a crutch to you. $20-$130.Olympic lifting shoes - For CrossFit WODs these are lower on the list, but if you get into Olympic Weightlifting this item moves to top on the list. They elevate your heels to put you into a more upright position to receive a clean/snatch/squat. This more upright position means a mechanical advantage and more weight lifted (as long as technique is sound). They also have almost no cushion and therefore force is not dispersed as it is in a CrossFit shoe. Lastly, these should have a 3/4" heel, so double check the manufacturer specs to ensure this. These are more expensive but should last a long time. $100-$200.Lifting Straps - This item is more for Olympic weightlifters or for strength training. Very helpful for deadlifts and pulls, so you can lift more without your grip/hookgrip being the limiting factor. Not super necessary but they are also cheap so its not a bad thing to have in your bag if you become a serious lifter.There are always more things to throw into your bag (and spend money on), but this is a good start! A great place to shop for most of these items is They carry quality products and have an excellent customer service department.

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