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March 18, 2022

Group Fitness, Personal Training, Nutrition Coaching & Athletic Development

I get a lot of emails asking questions about what we do and services we offer at CrossFit Lynchburg. Hopefully this post will serve as a FAQ of sorts to answer that question as people search online and browse our website to see what we do.

CrossFit Lynchburg's primary service is group fitness classes, sometimes also called group functional fitness. These classes run from early morning through the evening at different times during the day (see schedule here). The average class size is around 10 people, with one coach. Group fitness classes run for one hour, and include a workout debrief, warm up, strength work, then conditioning or what we call a "metcon", short for metabolic conditioning. I describe this as personal training in a group environment. The value lies in teaching and coaching a wide variety of movements such as squats and deadlifts, Olympic lifts, gymnastics, running, biking and rowing. Members all do the same workout in a given day, and we scale the workload to meet the needs of each athlete. Another part of our value is that the programming is set for you. There is no need to wonder what you will do in the gym on a given day. Just show up and let the coach teach, and you will learn and grow over time.

CrossFit Lynchburg also offers personal training. There are times an individual will either need personal training or just prefer one on one training. In these cases we are happy to work with athletes and develop a program unique to them, work on weaknesses, or just focus on an area of interest to an athlete, such as the Olympic lifts or gymnastics. Athletes that regularly attend group fitness classes will develop these skills, but extra practice and coaching with a coach one on one can definitely speed up the process. If you are interested in personal training you can email us here.

Nutrition is at least half of the battle when it comes to fitness. You can make tremendous progress with good workouts alone, but without dialing in what you eat, you will hit a wall very quickly. To prepare CFL members for success, we include a nutrition consultation as part of our on-boarding process. This gives you the basics you need to eat well and when combined with the right programming will deliver tremendous results. If you want to take your nutrition to the next level, we do have personal nutrition coaching available as well.

While the bulk of our clients are regular folks trying to stay fit for life, we do have a a special niche of working with competitive athletes. Athletes have specific demands for their given sport, and thus need specific training. We work with athletes and tailor training programs to meet their needs, no matter what sport you play. Strength training, speed development, rotational power, gaining weight, etc are all in our wheelhouse.

If you have more specific questions or would like to look into joining CFL, feel free to contact us here.

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