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April 16, 2019

Clean Out Your Pantry

[embed][/embed]Real quick, before you read any more of this post, walk to your pantry and look inside.How many items do you have that are in boxes or bags?While there are a few food items that come in boxes or bags that are acceptable, by and large this food is not what we call high quality.Real food does not keep for long, so whatever had to be done to it for it to stay fresh in a box or bag either stripped all the nutrients from it or had chemicals added to it, and neither of these things are good.So here is what you are going to do: Grab that crappy food in boxes and bags (the pretzels, chips, cookies, cereals, etc, etc) and throw them away.These are the foods that are keeping you from reaching your aesthetics goals. These foods are adding almost zero nutritional value to your diet.Moving forward, let's replace those foods with real food, like veggies, nuts, a little fruit...real food.If "never" buying these foods again seems a little cray cray to you, then accept this challenge: throw them away now, and don't buy or eat food like this again for the next 30 days. In 30 days you should see a result in both the way you look and feel.At that point you can decide based on how you look and feel if its worth it to start buying these foods again.Good Luck!

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