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April 7, 2022

How We Scale Workouts

What is "scaling"?

Scaling is when we take a workout and adjust to fit the needs of the individual. We design our workouts with a high level CrossFit athlete in mind, and then work down in load and volume to give an athlete the right does of work to stimulate growth. See below as an example.

"Prescribed Workout"
5 Rounds
300/250m Row
20 Pushups
6 Front Squats (185/125)

1st Scaled Option
5 Rounds
250/225m Row
15 Push ups
6 Front Squats (155/105)

2nd Scaled Option
5 Rounds
200/175m Row
20 Knee Push ups
10 Goblet Squats (moderate)

You can see that the volume/reps/load changes with each scaled version of the workout. The Rowing meters are reduced, as are the push ups, and the weight for the front squat. In the 2nd scaled version the rowing meters are reduced again and knee push ups are prescribed, and instead of front squats the athlete can go with a lighter goblet squat, but increase the reps. This could be scaled again if need be, in any number of ways from less total round to less push ups or no load on the squat.

We learn a lot about a new member through our on boarding process where we spend a couple of hours in a one on one environment with new members. The on-boarding is basically personal training, that gives us the opportunity to teach movement and watch an athlete move so we can make adjustments. In some occasions we do recommend continued personal training so they can be ready for group class. Most people, however, move on to group fitness classes.

The bottom line is that we can find a way to scale this or any workout to meet the current needs of almost anyone. We have worked with novice trainees, elderly, hurt, obese and all types of other people in this manner so they can still workout with class and get in a solid "dose" of exercise. Our hope is that everyone looking into CrossFit knows that we can tailor a workout just to meet their needs. If you have questions email me at

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