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June 30, 2014

Top 10 Ways To Get The Most Out Of CrossFit

You've joined a CrossFit gym, you are excited, and have more motivation than you've had in years. The fitness you've always wanted is finally going to happen. But we still see people fail, and not reach their goals. This should never happen - everyone that joins a CrossFit box should reach their goals, as long as they are realistic. Here's 10 ways to get the most out of your CrossFit box, and reach your fitness goals...1. Be consistent. This means every week, coming to CrossFit class 2-5 per week, every week. Take very little time off. Two days a week is the minimum, and more is better. Your fitness level will be in rough proportion to how much you train, to a certain extent. This is reason number 1 for a reason.2. Eat well! The old saying "garbage in, garbage out" is completely true. Eat a clean diet, high in protein, and avoid processed food and especially sugar. Talk with your CrossFit coach and get a plan for your specific goals, whether it be losing fat or gaining muscle.3. Sleep. You recover while you sleep. Your body mends itself. If you're out late every night getting 3,4,5 hours of sleep you won't recover well. PRs wont happen, period. Get your rest.4. Focus on Mobility. Poor mobility means bad positions, which means the muscles you're using to apply force aren't working optimally. Start focusing on mobility and get in better positions. This should probably be higher on the list, I can't tell you how important this is!5. Avoid overtraining. If you're attending regular CrossFit classes and running mileage and going to the climbing gym and mowing the grass and going to dance clubs and underwater basket weaving class on the weekends, you probably aren't recovering well enough to make progress at CrossFit. If you love your life and all its extra activity, then by all means, continue. Just don't be surprised when the PRs don't happen.6. Scale workouts appropriately. I see this a lot - someone with a 115lb 1RM thruster is trying to do FRAN with 95lbs. One key to progress is knowing yourself, and what you are capable of. FRAN was not designed to be a 10 minute workout - if it takes you this long, check your ego in at the door, and scale the weight.7. Make slow linear progress in your strength training. Linear progressions happen fast at first, but slow down quickly thereafter. Don't expect the big gains to continue forever, so stop piling the weight on the bar faster than you should. Listen to your coach, follow the percentages they give you and be happy with small, consistent progress. (KAIZEN)8. Live a balanced life. Don't obsess over CrossFit. CrossFit is filled with OCD personalities, and I've seen it over and over, people literally going crazy obsessing over it. The CrossFit main page is the first thing they look at in the morning when they wake up, then there favorite CrossFit Facebook pages, then hours of YouTube videos. Be the person that sets aside a reasonable amount of time for their training, mobility, recovery and education and then cut it off. Enjoy other things in life, family friends, etc.9. Become a technique nazi. If you've seen the CrossFit Games - all the athletes have pretty good technique - but the best of the best have excellent technique (Froning)! Don't be a spaz in the gym - dial in your technique, and let your coach know you really want help with this. It might mean you have to dial it back a bit while you work on good positions, but it will be worth it!10. Have realistic expectations. I know you think you're special, and you are in many ways - but you may not be blessed with the same God given attributes as Rich Froning and Camille LeBlanc. Go to the gym and follow rules 1 - 9, and if it becomes evident that you aren't quite CrossFit Games material, keep on going and enjoy the grind that is becoming fit. You shouldn't have to have expectations of becoming The Fittest on Earth to enjoy being fit. Learn to enjoy the little things, like a two pound PR on your clean, and stringing 20 pull ups together for the first time. Take satisfaction in being a very capable human being, even if it means you have no chance of being a competitive CrossFitter.

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