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April 18, 2015

CFL Weightlifting - Week 3, Day 3

Warm Up5 Min of 30 seconds hard/30 seconds easy on airdyne or rower2 x 20 Russian KB Swings (70/53)Green Band RoutineCalf Stretch with Band Distraction3 x 8 Double KB Overhead Squats 25lbSnatch - 30 MinWork to a heavy single for the day. No More than three misses in a row with a given weight. Work back down and up if needed. 10+ repetitions at 80% and above.Clean & Jerk - 30 MinWork to a heavy single for the day.Same details as in snatch above.Accessory WorkSnatch Grip RDLs4 x 6 at 85% of best snatch of the day.3 Sec eccentric, 3 sec pause just below knee.Maintain positions you would in a snatch.

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