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July 28, 2015

CrossFit Lynchburg Weightlifting - Cycle 2, Week 8

Week seven of cycle two. The purpose of this work is to give CrossFit Lynchburg athletes more practice in the snatch and clean & Jerk, to work on things they won't get to in class or to work on things more. Think of weightlifting the way you would golf - so many things to work on that require constant practice.Before each session get warmed up with a barbell and practice positions of the lifts. Here's some suggestions:Barbell WorkOlympic Lifting Warm Up - MobilityOlympic Lifting Warm Up - ActivationOlympic Lifting Warm Up - Movement PrepDay 1Deficit Snatch8-10 Reps between 80% - 85%Deficit Clean8-10 Reps between 75% - 80%**The idea on deficit work is to strengthen starting position. Tighten yourself up and don't let your butt sneak up without taking the weight with you**Accessory Work3 x 10 GHD Hyperextensions**Hold 10th rep for max seconds**Day 2Snatch with pause at the kneeWork to a Heavy DoublePower clean + 2 Split JerksWork to a heavy single for the complexAccessory WorkRDLs3 x 5, 2 sec pause in bottom positionDay 3Snatch-Accumulate 8 reps between 88% - 92%Clean & JerkSame as SnatchAccessory Work10 Min EMOM-50m Sprint

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