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February 1, 2016

Week in Advance - 2-01-16

Open Prep Week 5(Work below is subject to change without notice)Monday15 min: Snatch - start at 70% and add 5lb until you hit heavy single. No more than 2x misses10 min AMRAP14 S2O 115/65 RX 135/85 RX+21 Wt Sit ups w/ KB on chest 53/35Rest 5 min10 min AMRAP15 S2O 95/65 RX 115/85 RX+15 T2BTuesday15 min to Max ComplexHang Clean + Clean + Front Squat7 min AMRAPTurkish Get UpsRest 5 minTime Trial - 1000m Row rest as needed 500m Row Time TrialWednesday0:00-8:003 rds20 sit ups20 alt KB Snatch 53/3510:00-18:00AMRAP40 DU4 Squat Snatch 95/65 RX 115/85 RX+4 Bar Facing Burpees20:00-30:003rds35 Wall Balls 20/14RX 30/20RX+7 C&J's 135/85RX 165/105 RX +ThursdayFloor Press 6x6 @ 84%Superset w/Wt Pull Ups 6x6 heavier than last weekSuperset w/Row 6x 250m ALL OUT5rds10 step ups15 Push Ups20 Bent Rows 95/6525 Deadlifts 95/65FridaySquat w/ 2 sec pause - heavy single in 15 minFront Squat - 1x20 @ 60% +5-10lbs from last weekFor time:10 Burpee Box Jumps20 Pull Ups30 ThrusterS 95/6540 Lunges30 Thrusters20 Pull Up10 Burpee Box JumosSent from my iPhone

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