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July 3, 2014

Diet - The Other Half Of The Battle

Are you coming to CrossFit 3,4,5 times a week but haven't quite gotten the weight gain or loss results you were looking for? There are two parts to the fitness equation - one part is consistently training your strength, endurance and mobility. The other part is what you put in your body. You cannot expect outstanding results if you are still eating garbage or even eating an average diet. This is the other half of the battle.I'd like to present some resources for our members to educate themselves on what to eat. In July we'll have a Paleo 101 workshop, but in the mean time, educate yourself on what you should eat. Coming to the box to train is going to get you results, but to be truly fit you must put good things in your body.You're going to hear people at CrossFit talk about the "Paleo Diet" or "Paleo This" and "Paleo That". You may have no idea what they are talking about, but basically it is a way of eating that we believe we were intended to eat from the time we were created. Paleo means eating things we would have killed or picked off trees and plants. Imagine you lived 1000 years ago and you wanted dinner. You would have gone for a hunt or gone fishing and probably had something else that grew locally on a plant or tree. Bread would have been hard to come by and difficult to make. You wouldn't have been able to slip down to Kroger to buy a wide variety of food off a shelf, and you certainly wouldn't have been able to call in for a pizza delivery. We believe that we were intended to eat animals and things that grew naturally and that, in a nutshell, is Paleo.Here's a few rules you can live by until you have a firm grasp of the paleo diet...#1 - Eliminate Sugar. No soda, Gatorade, Powerade, etc. NO JUICE. People always say "but it's 100% fruit juice". No it isn't - its sugar and you were never intended to consume 48g of sugar concentrated in 12 ounces of liquid. Drink water, you'll get used to it and feel better, I promise. (There is a "Natural Gatorade", FYI - its called coconut water, and if you want to replenish electrolytes and stay hydrated, try that instead).#2 - Eliminate Processed Food. Think about this - how can something that sits in a bag or box for months and months at a store be good to put in your stomach? We know fresh food is good for us, but then we take dried up little pieces of bread called crackers or chips and stuff our faces with them. It doesn't make any sense. Stop eating snacks (chips, crackers, cookies, pretzels, etc) that you find in the middle of the grocery store. The good foods are typically bought around the perimeter of the store - meat, fruit, vegetables, etc.# 3 - Eat Lots of Protein and Fat. Every time you put something in your mouth make sure it has protein in it, and hopefully fat too. Most good meat has some fat in it, so you're covered there. Even if you have a protein shake, have a few almonds or some other nut with it. Your body thrives off of protein and fat. It is high octane fuel to help your vital organs work properly and for the muscles you're working so hard to grow and recover.# 4 - Eat Plenty of Vegetables, Some Fruit. Eat lots of green leafy vegetables. The darker the color the better. As far as fruit goes let's think about this differently - Let's go back in time 1000 years. How many apples, bananas, grapes etc do you really think someone would have eaten at one sitting? I've seen people devour a bags of grapes and a couple bananas in one sitting as if there is an unlimited supply. Do you think as humans we were intended to eat that much fruit? God created Adam and Eve, and all the good things to eat, but He didn't create Walmart where you can buy ridiculous quantities of fruit. Add in a apple or banana to your diet, especially after a workout, and then stop. You'll get plenty of vitamins and minerals in the meat, fat, and vegetables you eat.These four points pretty much cover it, though there many details that need to be learned. Also, individuals need to tweak what they eat so that it works for them. That doesn't mean that we tweak it in a way that breaks these 4 rules above, but it does mean there is wiggle room within the rules.If you decided to join us at CrossFit Lynchburg and suffer through some very difficult workouts, it means you care about your health. And if you care that much, you'll take the time to educate yourself on what you put in your body too. Make nutrition a hobby, and understand how your body works. I think we all want to live long, productive, healthy lives, so what better hobby to undertake than exercise and nutrition?Here's some resources for learning and educating yourself that we've found to be

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